“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”
As famous philosopher Socrates says only good is knowledge and ignorance is an evil. Keeping in view the current market scenario and low educational standards I believe that we have a responsibility to be fair, hardworking and helping the society in whatever the way we can. Hence in RIIM Pune we have undertaken a mission to help young minds to achieve their career dreams as per current market needs. Our journey is a journey of knowledge & hard work. We work with this philosophy and ensure that we produce best professionals of tomorrow. We are committed and accountable to our students and their parents for delivery of best management education. You join us with an open mind & follow the path of knowledge and hard work. Success will be yours.

Welcome to RIIM Pune.

When you decided to join RIIM Pune, it was the right decision since you would like to see that after two years of hard work for management education, you also build your personality, communication skills, confidence, knowledge, skills & right attitude. It is here in RIIM Pune that  special effort is made to develop the competencies of students with a  focused approach. RIIM Pune is a  student centric & student driven institute with complete learning environment. Work hard & take full advantage of this rare opportunity.

During your stay in RIIM Pune, you will be put through many developmental modules which are very essential to build life skills in addition to MBA from Pune university. You must learn to work in a team, develop your leadership abilities, technical skills, personality & the nitty-gritty of various subjects. Come with an open mind to learn, change & move forward. RIIM Pune’s special focus is on building employability skills of students. You will experience & appreciate the change when you reap the fruits.

Best of Learning.

“Nothing succeeds like success”
In your two years stay in RIIM Pune, your aim should be build personal capabilities & life skills to a level that you can never fail. You may be an Entrepreneur or working in any organization, it is only your competencies which will take you forward. Have a focused approach & work with full determination. Change & get the success. It is rightly said “Nothing succeeds like success”. This world respects those who are determined & successful.

All the best.

“You don't have to be great to start but to be great you have to start” – Zig Ziglar
We appreciate your decision to join RIIM Pune. We will do our best to provide a good learning environment, best of facilities, good faculties & helpful staff. Come with a determination to work hard & achieve your objectives. Nothing is impossible. Only hard work takes us forward.

All the best.

“Asato Ma SadgamayaTamaso Ma JyotirgamayaMrtyormaAmrtamGamaya”
We draw inspiration from the above Sanskrit quote “Lead me from the untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality”. Our mission is to provide high quality Management& leadership education at the affordable prices. We along with our educational partners & stakeholders invite you for a unique experience that takes care of your management education, developmental & job employability skills. We welcome you to join our institute, work hard &build your career &life long relationships with us. We build those life skills that will meet and exceed your expectations. Wishing you great learning & a successful career.